Salmonella solution

Testimonial by Thompsons of York

NUQO©SAFE innovative salmonella control solution

Thompsons of York introduced Wyreside’s new product NUQO©SAFE into their range of conventional and split feeding layer rations back in 2022. Early results indicated a good response on the farms using the products. 

NUQO © SAFE (product of NUQO feed additives) is a new technology that utilizes a double micro-encapsulation approach. It consists of an outer layer made of phytogenics and phycogenics derived from plants and algae, and an inner core containing multiple organic acids. This formulation enables a controlled release of active compounds in the bird’s gut, specifically targeting the duodenum up to the colon. This enhances digestive functions and helps control gut microflora​.


Results and Improvements

Excellent early body weights​
Lower early feed intakes​
Increased early production
Increased early egg weights ​
Excellent bird health​
The birds are displaying extra vigour and vitality​
Excellent early body condition
Increased early egg production​
Farm has been able to reduce feed specification without an increase in daily intake​

Several trials have confirmed the positive effects of NUQO©SAFE. In one trial, broiler chicks were inoculated with Salmonella enteritidis at day 14. The group fed with NUQO © SAFE had significantly fewer Salmonella-positive samples compared to the control group at day 21 and day 35. The NQ group also showed a better immune response, as indicated by higher levels of Salmonella IgA in the blood. Additionally, the NQ group exhibited a 1-point improvement in feed conversion ratio, indicating better digestibility and gut integrity.

Overall, NUQO © SAFE demonstrates promise in preventing Salmonella infection in broiler chickens by effectively controlling the pathogen in the gut and enhancing the bird’s immune response. This technology offers a solution for producing safe and high-quality broilers while reducing the risk of Salmonella contamination


We are currently feeding over 200,000 flocks with NUQO©SAFE and see positive results in reducing salmonella cases. We have seen a better immune response and improvements in the feed conversion ratio, showing effects on better digestibility and gut integrity. ​
Thompsons of York