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Product Information

Nutrigen ® consist of valuable nutrients required for cellular physiological processes involved in metabolism and development.

Nutrigen ® naturally enhances metabolism as well as the renewal of cells crucial for the efficient function of the intestinal tract, liver, reproduction and the immune system.

Significantly reduces the energy required by the organism during the process of cell regeneration which results in accelerated and improved maintenance of vital organs and regulatory system.

Product Characteristics

Shelf life: 24 months, when stored in a dry place at room temperature
Packaging: 25kg bags
Standard dosage of Nutrigen ® / tonne of feed:
Pigs - 500g during entire life cycle
Gestating & lactating sows - 500g during entire life cycle & 600g during pregnancy/lactation
Grower & fattening pigs - 500g till slaughter
Piglets - 2000g before weaning & 1000g after weaning
The optimal dosage should follow recommendations or can be determined experimentally.
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Benefit of Services

Improved digestion, less diarrhoea
Enhanced feed conversion ratio
Elevated daily weight gain
Improved general health
Increased resistance to stress
Effective protection after vaccination
Less mortality