NutriGain® S

NutriGain® S

Product Information

NutriGain® S is a balanced blend of nucleotides, RNA and MOS (Mannan-Oligosaccharides). It has been specifically developed for grower and finished pigs (30-120kg) to improve the efficiency of digestion. It provides missing nutrients in the feed, which reflects on growth rate and FCR in grower and finisher pigs.

Nucleotides are the smallest building blocks of DNA. When tissues grow and develop the DNA must double, allowing the cells to divide. The body therefore has an immense requirement for nucleotides.  For maximum lean tissue deposition, the animal requires the correct balance of nucleotides similar to amino acids that need to be balanced. As the requirement for nucleotides can vary depending on the circumstances they must be regarded as conditionally essential nutrients.

MOS stabilises the intestinal micro flora, supporting digestion of feed and uptake of nutrients.

Product Characteristics

Shelf life: 24 months, when stored in a dry place at room temperature
Packaging: 25kg bags
Standard dosage of NutriGain ® S / tonne of feed:
Grower & finisher pigs: 250g until slaughter
The optimal dosage should follow recommendations or can be determined experimentally.
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Benefits of NutriGain® S

Positive effects on mortality through improved immunity
ADG and FCR through better villi architecture
RNA protection for lean muscle building
KG of meat/m2 of finishing space
Net profit/pig