MicroFOS ™ 95

MicroFOS ™ 95

Product Information

Microfos TM 95 is a demineralised prebiotic inulin powder produced from chicory root. This product is an oligofructose rich in soluble fibre.

Prebiotic inulin in powder form is extracted from chicory root and has various applications including specific ones in the following monogastrics: pet food, piglets, growing chicks and poultry, laying hens, rabbits, turkeys, calves or horses.

Product Characteristics

Shelf life: 48 months, when stored in a dry place at room temperature
Packaging: 20kg bags
Dosing of prebiotic inulin in powder form varies according the type of animal to be fed:
Pet Food - 1 to 10kg, preferably 3 to 8 kg/t depending on the application
Piglets - 1 to 3 kg/t
Rabbits - 1 to 5 kg/t
Turkeys, first 8 weeks - 1 to 1.5 kg/t
Calves - 1 to 3 kg/t
Horses - 2 to 5 kg/t
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Inulin from chicory root

Benefit of Microfos™ 95

Regulates the volume of the faecal mass and the intestinal transit
Acidifies the faecal mass and elevates the short chain fatty acids
Reduces the ammoniacal production by binding the carbohydrate inulin to non-digested protein in the large intestine
Imrpvoes absorption of minerals (Ca, Mg, etc.) in the large intestine
Stimulates the immune system by developing the beneficial bacteria to become the predominant genus in faeces and consequently by reducing the pathogen bacteria