Kolin Plus FC

Kolin Plus FC

Product Information

Experience the breakthrough solution with KOLIN PLUS FC, a standardized botanical powder by Natural Remedies (NR-SBP).

Formulated as a natural choline alternative for poultry and swine, KOLIN PLUS FC offers unparalleled benefits for fat mobilization, metabolism, and muscle growth.

It’s convenient and cost-effective nature seamlessly integrates into existing feed formulations, while being a greener alternative to choline chloride.

By unlocking the potential of phytoactive, KOLIN PLUS FC optimizes nutrient utilization, leading to improved performance.

Backed by extensive research and proven results, choose KOLIN PLUS to revolutionize poultry and swine management. Elevate their health and achieve optimal performance with this innovative solution..

Product Characteristics

Shelf life: 24 months when stored in a dry place at room temperature
Packaging: 25kg bags
Poultry: 250-500g per tonne of feed
Swine: 150-300g per tonne of feed
Ruminants: 20-40g per animal per day
Equine: 300g per tonne of feed
Aqua – Fish: 600g per tonne of feed (1/2 replacement)
Shrimp: 400g per tonne of feed (1/2 replacement)
Dog: 1000g per tonne of feed
Cat: 1200g per tonne of feed
Or as advised by nutritionist
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Kolin Plus FC Powder 25 kg

Benefits of Kolin Plus FC

Natural Choline supplement
Achieve cost savings without compromising on quality
The non-hygroscopic feature offers convenience in handling and storage
KOLIN PLUS ensures no residual effect like TMA (Try-Methyl Amine)
Lower dosages for optimal results to reduce expenses while maintaining high efficiency and effectiveness
Highly compatible with premixes, seamlessly integrating into existing manufacturing processes