Product Information

Klinofeed® is a natural feed additive with multiple functions. It’s unique ability to bind ammonium helps the animals to a better digestion and a better immunity. Next to binding ammonium Klinofeed is also a decent and cost-efficient mycotoxin binder that has a high binding capacity on Aflatoxin.

Klinofeed is a crystalline silicate and is therefore very porous.

Approximately 50% of the silicate consists of pores, each pore having a diameter of exactly 4 Angstroms.

Due to its special production process (conceived by Prof. WM Meier ETHZ) the silicate is active and the pores selectively bind pollutants, ammonium and ‘free’ water molecules.

For this reason, Klinofeed is frequently used as a selective mycotoxin binder and as a flow improver. Its fine composition gives Klinofeed a very large active surface area of about 500 m² per gram. Klinofeed can also be used as a low-cost pelleting aid.

Product Characteristics

Shelf life: 24 months, when stored in a dry place at room temperature
Packaging: 25kg bags
Klinofeed is a pure, natural products completely free from any harmful substances
Dosage: 1-3 kg / t of feed as prevention. From 3 kg / t feed as pellet binder. In contaminated feed the dosage should be increased. Klinofeed does not absorb vitamins and nutrients.
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Klinofeed Bag

Benefits of Klinofeed ®

A high affinity absorbent compound for mycotoxins
Binds ammonium
Growth promoting
Improves animal health status and productivity
Prevents FPD