Fibrofos ™ 60

Fibrofos ™ 60

Product Information

Fibrofos TM 60 is obtained from chicory root. The chicory is ground after having been dried. A low proportion of silicate is then added to prevent the product caking. Fibrofos™ 60 is rich in sesquiterpene lactones (+/- 0.4 %). These lactones have a deworming effect and are responsible for the particular bitterness of chicory root. Those lactones stimulate stomach and intestinal juice secretion, which improves feed conversion. It also stimulates Cytochrome P450 enzymes that dissolve liver toxins. Chlorogenic acid from chicory stimulates the enzymes that inhibit hormone excess in the liver.

Fibrofos™ 60 is also a natural antiparasitic.

Fibrofos™ 60 dried chicory root has a high inulin content (65% on M.S.) so this prebiotic favourably influences the intestinal flora of monogastrics (development of lactobacilli). Fibrofos™ 60 contains a large proportion of soluble fibres and aims to improve the intestinal flora and so the health of monogastrics.

Fibrofos™ 60 considerably reduces the odour of scatole in uncastrated fattening boars, and improves animal fertility by cleaning the uterus better.

Product Characteristics

Shelf life: 12 months, when stored in a dry place at room temperature
Packaging: 25kg bags
Sows and piglets: from 0.3% to 1.5%.
Sows: 80 g/sow for 1 week after birth
Fattening pigs: 0.3%.
Fattening hens: 0.2 %, preferably in the first 3 weeks
Laying hens: ±0.4%.
Dog and cat food: between 0.5 and 1.2% in pet food.
Horse feed: 75 g/day.
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Benefit of Fibrofos™ 60

Pigs/piglets feed

Chicory root inulin develops the population of lactobacilli in the large intestine. Combined with the effects of sesquiterpene lactones, it acts on protozoan infections (intestinal inflammations). Patent application no. 18213874.3-1105.

Poultry feed

Fattening: feeding chicory inulin enhances bone formation when mineral absorption is deficient (Ca, Mg).
Laying hens: improves egg shell quality (more solid and shinier). Patent application WO/2019/053033.

Dog and cat food

As a source of inulin and dietary fibre. Fibrofos™ 60 has a satiety effect and also reduces unpleasant smells by reducing ammonium production in the intestines.

Bovine feed

Bovines, in general: reduction in scabies, chorioptic mites, lice and flies.
Dairy cows: increases protein content of milk, detoxifies the liver, has a natural deworming effect, restores the hormonal balance, stimulates uterus activity and fertility.
Calves: improves intestinal flora and avoids protozoan infections.

Horse feed

Repulsive effect against horseflies, improves management of parasites. The inulin and fibres in Fibrofos™ 60 regulate the horse’s intestinal flora.