Escent® S

Escent® S

Product Information

Escent® S: more than a (myco)toxin binder. 

No doubt, mycotoxins present one of the biggest issues in modern animal farming. Recent evidence suggests that even low levels of multiple mycotoxins, under long-term field exposure, can impact animal performance and health. This negative, synergistic additive impact is exacerbated when combined with other stress factors, typically seen in real farming production, such as climatic conditions, stock density, poor quality of feed, low level of (subclinical) infections, etc.​​​​​  Escent® S is a pioneering technology that helps animals cope with both abiotic and biotic stressors via a multifaceted, holistic approach. In vivo data back-up the five modes of action Escent® S.

Product Characteristics

Shelf life: 24 months, when stored in a dry place at room temperature
Packaging: 25kg bags
Poultry and pigs: 0.5 – 2.5 kg/t
Dairy and beef cattle: 20 – 40g/animal/day mixed in the feed.
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Benefits of Escent® S

Supports the functions of the liver and the kidneys
Prevents oxidative damage
Stimulates the animal's immunity
Triggers biotransformation and detoxification processes within the liver
Absorbs & binds polar (water soluble) toxins