Providing Innovative Feed Additive Solutions for Poultry and Egg Production

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced in poultry industry, we are dedicated to offering innovative products that enhance animal health, improve productivity, and optimize feed utilization.

Poultry and egg production is a complex and dynamic industry that faces various challenges and we understand the importance of addressing them effectively. Here are some key challenges that poultry and egg producers encounter:

    Disease Management

Maintaining optimal health is crucial for poultry flocks. Diseases such as avian influenza, Newcastle disease, coccidiosis, and others can significantly impact flock health and productivity. Our range of feed additives includes scientifically formulated solutions that promote immune function, enhance gut health, and help prevent and control common poultry diseases.

    Gut Health and Digestive Efficiency

The digestive system plays a vital role in nutrient absorption and overall bird performance. Gut health issues, such as dysbacteriosis, enteritis, and digestive disorders, can lead to poor feed conversion, reduced growth rates, and increased mortality. Our feed additive solutions support gut health by promoting a balanced gut microbiota, improving nutrient digestibility, and reducing the risk of pathogen colonization.

    Feed Efficiency and Nutrient Utilization

Achieving optimal feed efficiency is a top priority for poultry producers. Efficient nutrient utilization ensures maximum growth, reduced feed costs, and improved profitability. Our innovative feed additives are designed to enhance nutrient absorption, optimize gut function, and improve the utilization of essential nutrients, resulting in improved feed conversion ratios and economic benefits for poultry producers.

    Egg Quality and Shell Strength

Producing high-quality eggs with strong eggshell is essential for egg producers. Factors such as thin shells, weak eggshells, and shell abnormalities can lead to increased breakage and reduced market value. Our feed additive solutions include ingredients that support calcium and phosphorus metabolism (phytogenic solution – source of the active metabolite of vitamin D) , strengthen eggshells, and enhance overall egg quality, ensuring a consistent supply of premium-grade eggs.


When you choose Wyreside as your feed additive supplier, you gain a reliable partner committed to your success. We are committed to supporting the poultry industry by providing innovative and science-based products. Our team works closely with poultry producers to understand their specific needs and we can develop together with our suppliers a tailored solutions that deliver measurable results. With a focus on quality, efficacy, and sustainability, we aim to contribute to the success and profitability of our customers while promoting the well-being of the animals under their care.

Check the list of products we offer in our range. Contact us today to learn more about our portfolio of feed additive solutions for poultry production. Together, let’s optimize your poultry and egg production.